About Nature's Wild Harvest

At Nature's Wild Harvest we are about foraging wild specialty mushrooms and berries in the pacific northwest - bringing natures wild harvest straight to you. Some of the bounty is transformed into sustainable pantry goods, like our jams and syrups that are made with local honey or by slow drying mushrooms that can be reconstituted in water, soups or sauces. We also powder dry mushrooms - transforming them into potent and flavorful secret recipe additions!!  We rely on local sustainable mushroom farms during part of the year to help provide you with the best mushrooms available, year round. 

We started out many years ago selling just our mushrooms and wild berries at local farmer's markets and have expanded over the years into specialty shows, retail partners and fine restaurants throughout Washington and Oregon with both fresh and naturally preserved wild food products.

Pricing and availability fluctuate with seasonal availability. 

Please call us at 360-798-9331 or email bill@natureswildharvest.com for current details.

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